PCNW Presents: Keeara Rhoades, “Impermanence”

Impermanence: Last year I woke up spitting on my pillow. My mouth was blood filled because a tooth fell out. Then I read that this dream warns the sleeper of change. Deciduous, it said, means to shed. So I decided to focus instead on the thoughts inside my head. I started drawing crooked bodies. I didn't think they were good, but someone else did. I said he could have them, so he said he made the crooked bodies and people believed him. I can still draw the crooked bodies They are imperfect and not boring. And they take a long time to see fully. Sometimes I get lost in the lines and I see a tree or a bat or a tack… when I awoke, I got a dress and learned to make beds. And mess them up. On the springy ones I would buck like a horse and neigh loudly. It felt serious (if I were a horse, but I was not) and then I got caught. So I focused instead on lofting the sheet to fall perfectly on the form. Sometimes I would loft the seams against the inside and have to start over so crooked bodies beneath the sheet would feel the smoother side of the two. 

Three Marks of Existence, 35x22”, archival pigment print*, black tape, push-pins: “the successor to the thumb tack", 2015

Pitcher’s Window, 16x43.5”, archival pigment print*, 2016

Catcher’s Cupboard, 16x52.5”, archival pigment print, 2017

The lion eyes could see inside fighting minds, 22.5x15”, Archival Pigment Print*, 2014, $525

The Dark Side We Never See When It Is In Our Mouth, 12x15”, archival pigment print*, 2016, $500

Crooked Bodies Beneath The Sheet, installation (16x18” archival pigment print, wood, iron burned silk)

heavy metal vintage Iron balanced on a nail from the Catcher’s Cupboard also in support by black tape, interactive installation: you are invited to help construct a viewer point-of-view typology of the iron. 

  1. Please take a photo of the iron. 

  2. Post online and hashtag, #tapenailiron 

  3. Your image will appear in an online gallery and be part of a future exhibition. 

* printed in 2017 on paper aged the 11 years of my life as a Seattleite, 2006-2017 **

The prints in the exhibition are installation prints only. These prints are not for sale. Prints purchased from this exhibition will be printed on new archival matte paper to the scale represented in this installation. Prints are sold "unframed". Any purchased images will be printed and packaged and shipped to the buyer.

** The end of the roll is wound tight. The curvature feels of form. Flattening or glazing feels defacing. Taping and tacking leave a trace or efface.

I bought this photo paper in 2006, the year I moved to Seattle. I moved it. I stored it. I sometimes used it. I kept it in my truck for a year. Now, just enough paper remained to print select images in the theme of Impermanence.  The paper has been subjected to time, temperature, air, transition. Today I packed my entire life. Tomorrow I move it 818 miles east of Seattle.

Keeara Rhoades, 2017

Visit exhibition, June 28-October 28, 2017
Photographic Center Northwest, 900 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122