Getty-up Rider (but don't fall off)

Getty-up little rider, but don't fall off!  (You will fall off this tiny horse if I don't steer you)
Set in Eadweard Muybridge's grid of precise movement, the Puppet Master demonstrates human motion under control: He will not allow 'Rider' to accidentally think. He is afraid that freedom of thought may corrupt his kingdom of control. He must prevent accidental change, controlling 'Rider' through fear: prevent random thought / fear everything ...
Getty-up little rider, but don't fall off!


Donkey Raisers With Flat Feet (a war test for soldiers)

Donkey Raisers With Flat Feet (a war test for soldiers) (video still)

I write the rules for them to play
Pretty soon she’ll say, “CC oh play mate
Come out and play with me  | Bring your dolly three
Climb up my apple tree (her shoes make her tall and interesting | I kicked mine off, makes it easier to slide)
Into my rain barrow (what is a rain barrow anyway? I always thought it was the same as wheelbarrow, but captured rain? But maybe it is more like a gutter, but then, why would you funnel your rain into your cellar?) That is serious. Like drinking-water for your captives! 
I always thought it creepy that to be jolly friends forever more (more more more more)
It involved arriving into a cellar with a door that could close | And slapping hands?
Taunt me, tease me, I am not sliding into your cellar!




HAPPY CHINESE BILLIE HOLIDAY  (c-print contact sheet)


Waiting On The Sun

One time I sat beside a sad man in a waiting room
He was watching the caged birds
But his head was down, chin against his chest | Barely breathing
His chair wheels were locked | He wasn’t going anywhere
I wondered if he was bored | I was
I thought, how boring, you’re not even watching the birds
And you’re not snoring, just staring away the hours
Then I felt him feel lonely
I wondered if he lived through someone else | And not himself
Then that person went away and left him like a speaking doll
Shut off.



Making a Scene (photo/drawing)

Disembodied (installation, gelatin silver prints, c-prints)


Our Lives Fleeting Timelines (Reading Kafka)

Last year I woke up spitting on my pillow | My mouth was blood filled because a tooth fell out
Then I read that this dream warns the sleeper of change
Deciduous it said means to shed
So I decided to focus instead on the thoughts inside my head
I got a dress and learned to make beds | And mess them up
On the springy ones | I would buck like a horse and neigh loudly
It felt serious (if I were a horse) | But I was not and then I got caught
So I focused instead on lofting the sheet to fall perfectly on the form
Sometimes I would loft the seams against the inside and have to start over
So crooked bodies beneath the sheet would feel the smoother side of the two


Mom’s Portugal photos show The Same Vintage suede-sweater-coat I found in a thrift shop 22 years later

Mom’s Portugal photos show The Same Vintage suede-sweater-coat I found in a thrift shop 22 years later


Night Ride with Scooby-doo (& nightmare Light)

“Don’t Worry About Me, Save Yourselves!” (trails my mom's voice in my earliest nightmare). Extending my hand, reaching for her, I watch her progression toward the rivers rush [CH 2]. A distant sound turns my attention toward a mountain’s-top (a ghost from Scooby-Doo plays the bagpipes) [CH 3].

Night Ride with Scooby-Doo  - CH 1 / 3 Credit to my nightmare and audio samples: Scooby-Doo "A Highland Fling with a Monstrous Thing" October 14, 1978. 

Nightmare Light: "The Highway Headlights Dance On My Angel's Face | She's Sleeping Sound & We're a Little More Gone From The Wrong Town"