Potential Outcomes

The fun is in setting the stage for making radical transformation.
The work is in loosing your clothes to gain skin.


We Maintain

VHS videos with a modified camera tethered to a 13" TV/VCR combo. While recording, I asked my subject to watch the TV while I performed a “lap dance”. He sat photographically still with almost no movement.


Tiber River Capture

"Tiber River Capture" began as an observation of floating contents caught in perpetual trapping by the Tiber River current (at Ponte Garibaldi, Rome, Italy). The objects retrieved during this three-month process were transformed into a shrink-wrapped form, later returned to the Tiber River, carrying the "body" some distance before release.

"Tiber River Capture" (at Ponte Garibaldi, Rome, Italy). For exhibition, the video footage was projected onto heat-formed painted plastic  to reference the river "fall".

Studio Art in Rome Exhibition: (video installation), 2006 Palazzo del Biscone 95 via Campo di Fiore, Rome, Italy

Documentation Credits: Andrea Giaier, Mielle Riggie, Alex Hasson

Fishing debris out of the Tiber River to make a sculpture (while learning how to resign control, allowing net to flow back to me rather than reeling it in) See video above. 


Stinky Butts: 2000 Cigarette Butts (from Roman Sampertrini)

Mask (install)
(sculpture/installation, Rome, Italy)

Carcass (urban intervention)

Drawing / Shelling (with installation note)


Metamorphism Skin

When I was in third grade I wrote a retirement note to the principal; something like,

“I will miss you passing by our class-line giving everyone ‘five’. I loved the smell on my hand all the rest of the day.”

Later, my teacher expressed her remorse about my edit: “I will miss seeing you in the hall, slapping our hands.” It turns out, most of the kids noted this, but none expressed the smell of his Old Spice cologne. I only omitted it because admitting to smelling my hand made me embarrassed.

Metamorphism Skin (video stills)  "The fun is in setting the stage for making radical transformation. The work is in loosing your clothes to gain skin."


A part of me & A Part of me too

Just then, Pat extended his hands above the fence, intertwining his fingers knuckles to knuckles. “All you really need to believe,” He said, “is ‘here’s the church, here’s the steeple,” he extends both pointer fingers tip to tip. “Open it up,” he rotates his hands palms up, “and see all the people.”

ME:        “That’s weird. Your bony fingers are the fence thou hath clothed with skin.”


“So… Have you ever seen a fence made of bones?”

PAT:       “Oh, You mean the Catacombs? Too spooky! Especially when they are dressed in clothes. I’ll stick with seeing pictures, although once I posed my face through a skeleton photo hole. Standing behind a plywood shape poking my face through a hole the size of my head was fine. A Polaroid picture was snapped so I could see it pretty instantly. I didn’t recognize my face without seeing my hair, but I tell you, being on the other side seemed more purposeful.”

ME:        “Mirrors and eyes, fences and disguise  -- You’d rather hide behind a façade?”

PAT:       “Yep, I don’t like people knowing it’s me. Like girls wearing wigs and lots of lipstick. It’s much like blocking view into an ugly yard by building a pretty fence. It makes people think it’s worthy.“


a praying nun (when in silhouette) is a fallacy / phallus


dog fighting (at my ADDRESS)

Dog Fighting (at my address) (video stills)

Dog Fighting (at my address) My kitten, Bella Tiber, predators the dance of flying bug invaders at center air-space inside our living room… (as though playing tag) the flies hover, zip, touch and go. Empty-of-breeze invites space to be social—weaving, one among the other, and another—a tight specific arena for such instinctual play, they do resemble too, fighter planes of World War II. From behind the curtain Bella brushes against the sheer fabric...

Represented a sculptural video (projected onto a white canvas dress), Bella’s movements detach and join ambiguous action as a domestic predator at play— pacing, pausing, ears twitching... then a sudden lurch at her object of prey.

Yet, all the while, shielded by a curtain like thighs beneath a dress.