Take Me Out (to play)

Seattle Art Museum, Remix
The Think Tank (SAM main level)

Take Me Out (to play) featuring The Batter, The Catcher, The Umpire

Take Me Out is a 7' chorus, the soundtrack forSAM Remix live performance and third floor gallery exhibition, Our National Game.

Take Me Out (to play)
Root, Root
Root, Root
I saw a doctor in his yard
tying off his goat
Firing his shotgun at the moon
and a bat in the sheets
hanging on the clothesline
Shag flies and ground balls
just outta reach
Bound to be the goats play toy
And I thought, this is not baseball
Take Me Out to the Ball game
Take Me Out with the Crowd
Take Me

Be part of the team or a jeering fan! Join my garage glam baseball girls in a photo shoot. Inspired by the Seattle Art Museum Exhibition,Our National Game, SAM third floor galleries, guests participate in an interactive performance stepping into a photographic recreation of Norman Rockwell's painting, The Dugout, to get their picture taken. Participants choose to sit inside the dugout with my personas, The Batter, The Catcher and The Umpire; or yell out from the bleachers in mimicry of Rockwell's painted baseball fans. Performing as The Pitcher, I also activate the camera.

In the dugout: Take Me Out (to play) baseball team (with Bat Boy at home base); Featuring Jeering Fans with Bat Girls

Interactive Performance: 8:30 - 10:30 PM
Friday, October 28, 2011. View and download photos

Contributions from Brian Rentley, Evan Bauer, BatGirls, Leah VendlJulia FreemanAnja Koval, Samantha Bailey, Nathanael Volckening, Photographic Center NorthwestSeattle Art Museum


Undercover Holidays

Keeara Rhoades: Undercover Holidays 
July 7 – 29, 2011


(King County, WA) Keeara Rhoades’  solo installation for Gallery4Culture, Undercover Holidays, peers inside the dugout to present baseball via four all-American girls.

In a material conscious, multi-media extravaganza that incorporates video, altered photographs and sound, Rhoades, channels her family while playing each role herself. The artworks are fundamentally a study of Rhoades’ own persona and ask the question: what in is inherited and what is the product of environment?

The Players: Pitcher, catcher, batter and umpire—each position, costume, and movement reflects a unique temperament. Playing baseball is a physical manifestation of each separate persona. Undercover Holidays presents the idea that each position functions as part of a unit. It exposes the reliance that each member has on the others. Each player reveals discrete parts of an individual; as the parts come together, they make a whole. Keeara Rhoades' work conveys the idea that we are each our own team.



“This is Seattle artist Keeara Rhoades’s coming-out show, her first big solo exhibition in the city since graduating from UW with an MFA in 2008, and it’s hot and strange, a collection of garage-glam baseballers (all played by Rhoades) represented in altered photographs and video installations…”
Jen Graves - The Stranger (Seattle)
— http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archives/2011/07/28/currently-hanging-keeara-rhodess-garage-glam-baseball-team

shag flies & ground balls

Shag Flies & Ground Balls (05:39 short; full video, 09:58) 2011  

I saw a doctor in his yard tying off his goat Firing his shotgun at the moon and a bat in the sheets hanging on the clothesline Shag flies and ground balls just outta reach Bound to be the goats play toy And I thought, this is not baseball

Instructional Video No. 1 (MEME), Video Sequence (clip, 00:30; splice, 00:00/8) 2010

The Pitcher had a nightmare: this video is a slice from what she remembers ... "I think a young girl was coaching me [on how to ride a horse (because I could not see the instructional video on the television of “The Batter” on a pony, being puppeteered by a masked figure) - I could hear a dark droning sound and a grungy voice] saying, "Getty-up Little Rider, but don't Fall Off!”

a well maintained nest (is a furry chair)

Exhibition Documentation, "Undercover Holidays", Gallery 4Culture (Seattle, WA), July 2011 "A Well Maintained Nest (is a furry chair)", kinetic photobox audio: "And The Clergy Spoke" composed by Holy Name Dropouts. Background video, "Maintaining the Frame-Rate Machine"

we get along (when casting our own strings)

We Get Along (when casting our own strings) 50 second excerpt (full video 5 min 30 sec) Video and Sound by Keeara Rhoades Undercover Holidays (Solo Exhibition, Gallery 4Culture, Seattle WA, July 2011)

catcher tryouts (undercover holidays)

Catcher Tryouts (Undercover Holidays) 2011

Catcher Tryouts (Undercover Holidays) 2011

“There is something profound about a depiction of baseball that features all women…”
Craig T. Sinclair
Regrade Seattle Art Blog
— http://regradeseattle.wordpress.com/2011/07/25/short-undercover-holidays-at-gallery4culture/

players undercover (the umpire)

home base

As part of an installation, "Home Base" functions in tandem with The Pitcher video, "Shag Flies & Ground Balls", where the Pitcher's movements activate The Batter's actions; The Catcher prompts The Pitchers actions; The Umpire monitors the strike-zone (area between The Batter's shoulders and belt). "Home Base" is also connected to the video, "Maintaining the Frame-Rate Machine", which controls the speed each Player moves based on her subconscious state of being. As a result, all three players move at different speeds while entertaining the same space. 

the credits

The Credits (24 min / 2min43sec clip), taken at Sakura-Con (Seattle - April 22-24, 2011) as character investigation (myth, fantasy, parody, etc). The role of the camera as primary subject surveiling characters "undercover" mimics interplay between "front-stage action and back-stage enigma".

“Our curator just described Keeara Rhoades’ show as punk meets Pre-Raphealite.”
Public Art 4Culture, Twitter