Digging in the Dugout


Digging in the Dugout Through walls we've walked. Into the dugout You change You're in the game From the mines of clay Old neighborhood day Inside a rusty car frame… Soundtrack and Junkyard Drum Kit by Brian Wetzstein Rentley Performed live for recording at 4ZERO7 Gallery (Billings, MT)


Junkyard drum kit

we don’t run on batteries worn out puns or flatteries

lofting the sheets

“Lofting The Sheets” video still (video/audio composition/multi-media)

Lofting The Sheets, (vignette/shorts) present "Garage Glam" baseball girls (the Pitcher, Catcher, Batter, and Umpire), on the other side -- sharing movements, gestures, stories, memories.. a momento mori...

"In A Field Beyond The Horses (Where Bats Swing & Girls Sing, We Are Our Own Team)”
Featuring: “Cutie Beauty & The BAT-SWING Fly”

What is on the other side? If you climb the Hillside staircase What will you find? Jack and Jill climbed the hill | To fetch a pail of water from a flooded cellar | And then Jack fell in and cracked his chin | And Jill mended it with well mud | And the mud made him well as well.

The Other Side is a memento mori with morality rhymes, where “the lion eyes could see inside fighting minds”, and a disabled cat is stuck between two lives paralyzed, marginalized and denied – “So many years later I learned she was driven down to the other side of town.”

Live shoot on green screen at CoCA (Seattle), featuring: “Cutie Beauty & The BAT-SWING Fly”, The Pitcher with Cub-Sometimes-Cat, The Batter, The Catcher, The Umpire.

what's on the other side?

"What's On The Other Side?" (detail)

Gold White / Black Blue

As The Catcher prepares for her epic baseball game, she strikes her eye with the steel heel of her gold and white boot, turning her eye black and blue. What color is her dress?

take me out ugh ah i think it's black and blue can i have some ice that steel heel hit me right in the eye gold and white black and blue ice! ahh ooh what yeah i kicked myself with these gold boots right in the eye the white it's actually reflector at night you'll see me gold and white black and blue what do you think it still works no i can only see in black and white oh black and gold oh black and blue yeah you can't see me at all won't be long I can't see you 11th place! wow! i'll just pin it right here!

that which can't be broken

From, “Gold / White, Black / Blue”
(deconstructed photograph)

"That Which Can't Be Broken" (photography / drawing)