White Noise & Suppose You Stub Your Toe

ItShe’s Humanoid State, 2008
Master's Thesis Project, University of Washington (PhotoMedia 2005-08)

Part of a 2-channel video/sculpture installation that explores the immersive and interactive qualities of moving image and form, this image represents ItShe: an 11-foot puppet that transforms between human and animal shapes as she is raised and lowered by a mechanical rope/pulley system. ItShe's articulating spine enables her to lay down in human pose and hang in animal (quadruped) pose. ItShe's movements are choreographed in reference to a sleep cycle, the state between wake and sleep -- the unexpected but inescapable sleep that leads to a sudden jolt awake, and humility that comes with an awareness of others as witness. 

Reflected in the 2-way mirror backdrop is reference to her animal state of articulation. 

White Noise & Suppose You Stub Your Toe (ItShe'sTransformation) MFA Thesis Exhibition, Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, WA (catalogue 2008)

ItShe was created with an articulating spine and her internal form created by stuffing a canvas bag the shape of her body and sleeping on it for 3 months.

Installation Size 60”x200”
ItShe's Cycle Duration: 00:08:00

Backside of the multimedia installation, White Noise & Suppose You Stub Your Toe (2008)

This side (White Noise) is immersive, inviting the viewer to experience the moving light dance at their feet or on their skin. The video also passes through the 2-way mirror to project light onto ItShe, the mechanical puppet form.

ItShe's Dance from installation, White Noise & Suppose You Stub Your Toe MFA Thesis Installation, Henry Art Gallery (University of Washington) 2008

Another view into the 2-way mirror, "A Well Maintained Nest (is a furry chair)" from, "Undercover Holidays" (2011)